OctOS UNOFFICIAL Builds for Moto G 2013(falcon)

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Lately these days I have been looking for a ROM which lead the community of my device and I found several, but the one that has most caught my attention was octos, and after having broken his head trying to compile it I managed one boot, the ROM works 100%, am currently compiling an update to upload this day since yesterday just was shareware, can see the status of the compilation in the section of Kitchen or right .Besides I find also compile up a kernel upgrade, this will be patched to version 3.4.107, but will not include optimizations or anything like that, the Kernel and almost ends up at Github. About device files were already uploaded yesterday, all with support for this ROM, dare not much support for this ROM, since there are several that catch my attention and I have not managed to compile, one is XenonHD, which I very interested to take the Moto G, until then today I'll upload a compilation of octos and perhaps one of CyanogenMod 12.1, which already has very many updates Kernel, but maybe leave it for tomorrow, until then I am compiling octos, which ended in 2 hours.Edit: I aborted the current compilation, however subire yesterday, the reason is simple, yesterday provides greater stability in the Kernel, now I find myself climbing the octos the day yesterday.This is all I have to say for now.


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