Autobuilds for all

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Lately with my income classes, I have been looking for ways to bring them builds without having to wait 10 or 20 days, and went through my mind the idea of ​​creating a script that builds all automatically, before leaving to school, this starts, and I've achieved, this day two compilations were able to be launched:
-CyanogenMod 12.1
-OctOS 5.1.1.
Both for the respective device (Moto G 2013).
This worked well, this day stop running the script, I went for about 8 hours, when you return all compilations had finished, then started up the compilations AndroidFileHost and ready.
However, this does not mean it will go up daily builds, serious clumsy to climb a daily compilation of things to upgrade, but my mind goes octos, which could raise daily builds, but would have to review the Github octos and see if there are changes, it would be useless to climb a compilation that has no changes and does not differ at all with the previous one.
However, this is great progress, compilations now be automatic, my computer is constantly working for 8 hours to bring their devices compilations.
This is all I have to say in this post.


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