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I eventually acquired a new device, the truth is that I'm pretty excited, this device does not have a lot of development, but nevertheless my project will bring as many Roms possible has this device, I think take about 15 or less Roms, and I start with Euphoria-OS, in this case I have already begun adapting the device-tree for these Roms and already adapted to Euphoria-OS:

Now I have to say is that I will not become the official maintainer of any of these Roms by the number of errors that even has the device-tree of the device, this device-tree was created based on the device-tree Moto E 2014 aka "condor", the truth is that the user squid2 xda has done an excellent job, and I really hope that this device soon-tree is complete and pass to be officially supported by CyanogenMod, until then while the device -tree not error-free any of the Roms will officially maintained by me.

Until then, my project is what I said, tomorrow will try to make the compilation of Euphoria-OS and then work on more Roms for that device, now the device that will work now is ...

MOTO E 2015 (3G)

If this device is behaving so incredible and performance is great, so I have nothing to complain about.

About the Moto G ...

I'm thinking of selling it and buy a Moto E 2014 aka "condor" because I want to keep that project on that device, the truth is that the odds that the band are great, but I still have to think about it, though not know when it vendere but if you sell it'll bring a post warning that the Moto E 2014 and with me.

This is all I have to say in this post, I am excited about this device and hope I can help a lot in the community on the issue of development.


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