My Moto G it's dead, no more support...

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As it says in the title, support for the Motorola Moto G is over, my device is dead, what has happened is something that happened to me once with a Samsung Galaxy Ace, but in this case was updating the Motorola Moto G Android 4.4.4 from GPE and that it did not happen exactly but the device does not relit, is totally dead, so no longer support will continue, but could throw 2 or 3 builds over to CyanogenMod 12.1 and octos Motorola Moto G, but in this case could not try them as they work before launching, would be something like what other developers. But now I worry much more about how to update builds a more secure way to that nothing goes wrong, I will not leave this device, but I'll have to just think about it, when taking a decision write it here, but the media if not end now , would end long after the arrival of a new device, probably in April next year or later this year, although I have no idea of ​​that device will be, but I really need to purchase a new one in a while, until then I will continue thinking about whether to continue supporting this device or leave it, I find it very difficult, because projects like CyanogenMod 12.1 Unofficial have made great strides in the appearance of the kernel you are working in an incredible way, and that makes me I say I should not stop giving support to this device. Moto E 2015 on 3G, currently am working on Builds crDroid, which work great on this device, so that truth this device will not be without support. This is all I have to say, within a informare unsupported forbeareth time or not.

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