AICP no more

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Lately I've found working hard with projects, and I have become entangled in more, and I had to leave momentarily several projects, for example BeliveKernel - R08 which is having trouble compile, and I can not pasarmela 2 or 3 weeks trying to fix this usually spend an entire afternoon to repair errors in the kernel and still not get it, and that was the case Belive, spend two afternoons trying to repair that mistake and nothing. And I've asked for help from several friends and nobody could help me, so I could be repaired and put aside other projects that are important. But my publication is another thing and support the completion of Android Ice Cold Project for Motorola Moto E 2015 3G (otus), this ROM will cease to be updated because no new projects in mind, such as:
-TeslaOS - Official Weeklies.
Therefore I can not support projects like AICP not many users use it. For I am now looking for new projects in which to start. In this case I'll be looking for more projects in which work hitherto AICP get knocked my projects, since that time and because not many users decide to use this ROM out of my list.
Now, if someone wants to project all this on my Github, the device-tree and the vendor modified for you to make this project.
Greetings and thanks for supporting this project.

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