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Lately I've been pretty inactive with Builds, this is because I have been exam week, and is currently on vacation in one week I am working, so I could focus on work on Builds for devices.
Besides I formatted again my computer reinstalled Ubuntu and adding a little more space, now at this moment I have 250GB of space to work, and now I find downloading my source Candy5 code for Build likely to be released on Wednesday or Thursday. Another thing is that due to the formatting of Ubuntu, Jenkins has been removed from my system, which again implements compilations manually and there will be logs compilations until restart Jenkins, and if I get to do, Candy5 roms as there will be compiled there.
On Android 6.0 Marshmallow rest assured that as soon as the source of Candy or otherwise maintain ROM update, beginning to bring Builds based Marshmallow because I'm so excited. But just throw a CyanogenMod update, while not working with this ROM, but I'm excited Marshmallow so as CM, Candy or other update, here will have the build of Marshmallow, so yes, remember that these will have great instability remember that the Roms after the release of a version of Android takes time and was upgraded to 4.4 and 5.0. Although not delayed as much as 5.0 in this case, if oxydation about 2 months to be already somewhat usable.
This is all I have to say.

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