Setting up in Elementary OS

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Lately with such large changes in new builds, everything complicates me in Linux Mint, so I resorted to install a rather excellent distribution, its name is Elementary OS with its latest version "Freya" presents a beautiful design in this case I decided to stay in this distribution, I also increased the size of the partition, I will need a little more space LiquidSmooth or some other project.

About the builds will not have to worry, downloading the source code for both CyanogenMod 12.1 as octos has already begun, probably tomorrow morning the source of CyanogenMod 12.1 code will be downloaded, while the octos began that day, on LiquidSmooth is me too complicated downloading the source code, for some reason Linux Mint gave discharge problems, while CyanogenMod 12.1 not believe this problem. Yesterday try to start downloading the source code octos, but downloading fault, so I decided to erase everything and move to a new distribution, and I'm here in Elementary OS "Freya" which has its errors, but very good, it fulfills everything I need, but I'm still in question with things like disk space, etc.
Do not worry, all builds will follow its normal course, both CyanogenMod as an update of octos, which will include many changes, including support for an optimized Kernel.
This is all I have to say, I say goodbye.


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