My new webpage!

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For a long time I have been planning to leave Blogger for their limitations and move to a separate website using WordPress or Joomla to manage, since these 2 offer many things contrary to Blogger. In this case I’m using WordPress for my new website, and now I’ve finished my website, in any case it will be updated every day including new enhancements will be right here now publishing my builds, links and all.

But if at any time the website should fail the previous web site to publish until further notice will be used, but I hope that this website can better handle comments visits.

Also now you can register on the website and try to implement something to make it more social or interactive;)
I hope you like this idea.

The new URL of the website is:

Sadly it is a subdomain, but maybe someday give me donations for a .com or .org domain, the truth would very much have it. But always be able to donate and help me to buy it.

That’s all for this post.


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