Back to Work!

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Has been a long time since my last build. Yeah, my new website has been closed and for that reason i'm writing here. I have very good news and it's that i'm working in new builds of Candy for Motorola Moto G 2013 (Now i have 2 Moto G because i fixed one) In this moment i uploading a new build of Candy but this build it's Marshmallow. I need say that the build it's working awesome and for that reason i'm uploading now, i thinking in new projects like a optimized version of AOSP with a patched Kernel but i need work in this moment with Candy and others, meanwhile you can sit and wait for a new fresh build of Candy.

In other news my website need a update and this gonna take a lot of time but i need to do (Not in this moment, but soon)

So, I'M BACK and i'm working in new things, just wait for the build (Maybe you can see tomorrow, i need sleep)

And that's all.

I'm going to write a lot on this week i need tell us more important things.

PD: The build it's going to be uploaded tonight but the post on XDA and here i'm going to write tomorrow.


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